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active Topic # 168  slideshow doesnt work

18/12/2006 @ 12:52
by thetravellor


Hey, Bonjour,

Firstly, WOW, I discovered this solution on Friday and have it up and working already.

Its absolutely amazing.

I have a little problem: the slideshow feature does not appear to work, the photo doesnt load, I get a small red X in the top left corner where the photo should be. This is with safari, firefox and IE 6.

Pehaps it is my webserver, I have chosen to use "MAMP" which includes PHP5.

One noted difference between MAMP and what your product appears to require is that there is no apple_hfs module in MAMP, nor Bonjour module. Is this a big problem?

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Answer n 1
18/12/2006 @ 22:15
by Globs



would you have an url to have a look on ?
bonjour is not requird. hfs ? i don't think so either.

Have you tried wipha with the standard apache ?
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