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Sujet n°15 Added mail body to list of arguments
    par hp - visiteur
le 28/10/2005 @ 20:14
I have modified your (great) extension a bit, so to get the mail body as an argument as well. I you find this useful just tell me where to upload.
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Réponse n°1 par Globs - rank ( 38 messages )
le 28/10/2005 @ 22:35
Oh yes, I find it very useful. And it has already been asked by other users. That would be great.
One problem though: How does your modification deal with IMAP accounts, when the mail body is not retrieved ?

I have no place to upload. You can mail it to me or tell me where to download.
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Réponse n°2 par Globs - rank ( 43 messages )
le 01/11/2005 @ 22:48
More difficult that I thought:
  • the body retrieved is the raw body from the inbox file. This includes encoded attached part, plain/html multipart text, attached forwarded mails an so o­n. I implemented a simple parser to get the text part of the body, it seems to work pretty well, but the body may have so many differents aspects (generated by so many different Email clients) that I'm really not sure it will work fine for all messages.
  • The encoding of the text may also change: 7 bits can be displayed 'as is', but I can't decode UTF8 for instance.
  • The maximum length of a command line may be reached with a large message, which would lead to no notification. As no error is returned, I don't know how to dynamicaly get this limit (it probably depends o­n the OS).
The best way would be to use a Thunderbird API function to do all the work. I searched in the code but did not find it. If someone has a clue, he's welcome...

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