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Sujet n°27 Locale errors in 0.6.5
    par Johannes - visiteur
le 06/12/2005 @ 14:42
Yamb version 0.65, when trying to set extension preferences I always get this error:

XML-Verarbeitungsfehler: Undefinierte Entität
Adresse: chrome://yamb/content/settings.xul
Zeile Nr. 34, Spalte 74:
<description id="yamb_dscCheckInterval" style="width: 350px">&yamb_dscCheckInterval.value;</description>

pointing to &yamb_dscCheckInterval

This happens both with Thunderbird 1.06 and 1.5

With Yamb_064 I can set preferences, but it fails to notify me confused
Only the built-in notifier comes up...
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Réponse n°1 par Globs - rank ( 54 messages )
le 06/12/2005 @ 14:48
Yes, that's right, I made some mistake with the locales translations (not only German). Thank's for the info.
I corrected this in a version.

For your 0.6.4 problem (and probably with other versions too), it must be a PATH problem. Set the full absolute path in Yamb settings for your notifier. Also check that the notifier works properly when you launch it by yourself.

By the way, as you can see, I moved your message from the gestbook to the forum: it's easier for me to answer here tongue .
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