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Sujet n°35 mail notification
    par Berni017 - visiteur
le 09/01/2006 @ 09:07
If I get a message I'll show a picture with the sound "You've got a mail" on my screen for a view seconds.
You can see that in American films for example and I think thats a good idea.
I haven't found any other programs yet.
Can you help me please. Berni
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Réponse n°1 par Globs - rank ( 69 messages )
le 09/01/2006 @ 13:15
I don't really understand your question, since Yamb is exactly designed for this purpose: trigger something to notice you of new mails arrival. Or, would you mean that you have not found the notifier which produces the exact effect you would like ? In that case, I won't help you: I created Yamb so that it can call any external process, to let the user free to create whatever notification he want's. But I can't develop everybody's notifier according to their needsrolleyes.
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