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actif Sujet n° 272  Unable to download pictures

le 20/12/2009 @ 15:19
par korban




I use WiPhA for a long time and find it awesome.

I constate that some gallery give me an error if I try to download somes pictures:

Your download will begin automatically.

Estimated size: 0.1 Mo for 0 photo.

3 photos have not been added to your download due to insufficient permission. This is to be solved by the WiPhA administrator.

I only have the problem with 2 gallery.
I check the permission and compare it with an other directory, all is fine.
I delete and reimport de pictures noway

I run WiPhA 2.4 On mac OS X 10.4.11 with the embedded Apache.

Thanks for your help
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Réponse n° 1
le 20/12/2009 @ 16:41
par Globs



Have you checked the permissions of the picture which can't be downlaoded, and all folders from your home to the picture (i.e. pictures, iPhoto Library, etc...)?
The picture must be readable by "others" and directories must be executable and redable by "others".
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