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Sujet n°39 Open Office error
    par PaulB - visiteur
le 21/01/2006 @ 19:48
Hi, really have wanted to use EE for some time, but always have gotten an error when trying to link to Open Office 2. An error message appears telling me that the "...\untitled_<number>.eml file does not exist.

When I link to metapad, all goes very well. But I want to take advantage of OO's autocorrect to make my editing easier.

Thanks for a great extension; I hope I can use it to good effect. I'm in T-Bird 1.5, under Windows XP.

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Réponse n°1 par Globs - rank ( 75 messages )
le 21/01/2006 @ 20:17
I Don't know if I already answered to this question. I have no way to check Oo, but I suppose you can't use it because it's not blocking while you are editing (see the usage page for explanantions). Probably the same kind of problem than using it with Word.

If you just want to use it because of the spell checker, I think Tb 1.5 does it now. Or maybe not the autocorrect?

Sorry about this, but the extension is called 'External Editor', not 'External word processor' biggrin
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Réponse n°2 par PaulB - visiteur
le 21/01/2006 @ 21:46
I'm not sure what blocking is. I see no reference to it on the Usage page. But obviously there is a problem and you're aware of it, so I'll have to accept that as it stands.

Yes, autocorrect is far more than spellcheck, which TB 1.5 already does well. It capitalizes preset words, can be used for automatic text macros, etc. It would be a great boon to be able to use OO here, but I guess it's a no-go. I believe that some editors - Notetab+ being one, IIRC - also have autocorrect, but using one would entail building up another user database, which I'm loathe to do.

Thanks much for the quick reply,
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