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actif Sujet n° 326  Switching emacs 21.3.1 to 23.3

le 16/11/2011 @ 16:50
par emacsuser



First, thanks for an awesome add-on.

I'm running Thunderbird (in order to keep working with some older software that I depend on) under Windows 7 64-bit. I've been using External Editor 0.7.4 successfully with emacs 21.3.1 for some time. But on replacing 21.3.1 with 23.3, EE doesn't work any more. I've revised the EE properties to point to the new binary (emacs.exe), and hitting the button does call up emacs, but nothing gets handed off to emacs -- it just starts a fresh file -- and saving the emacs content (something typed in for a test) doesn't go to the temp .eml file like it used to. I can't find any mention of this problem anywhere. I'd be obliged if you could suggest any approaches to solving this.
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Réponse n° 1
le 18/01/2012 @ 17:30
par emacsuser


No one has a clue about this, eh?  Well, I'll just note that I've already tried the obvious (using emacs.exe or emacsclientw.exe instead of runemacs.exe), and none of the changes makes any difference.

Maybe somone who has this working with:

 - Thunderbird 2

 - EE 0.7.4

 - Windows 7 64-bit

 - emacs 23.3

can at least let me know that this combination works for *somebody*.

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