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actif  Sujet n° 360  OSX server 10.6.8 and Wipha

le 26/07/2015 @ 19:32
par stephen



Hallo, can you advise if Wipha photo software has been tested or will work with OSX intel based server 10.6.8. this server is already hosting multiple websites plus other services. this server also has lot of personal pictures on which I would like to publish onto the internet and offer them to my Family, and your software looks like it may do the job. the server is running standard apple Apache, it does not have iphoto installed as this is a retail version, but do I still need iPhoto as all the photos are in a folder structure?

many thanks
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Réponse n° 1
le 26/07/2015 @ 20:01
par globs



It must work on OSX Intel server, although you might need to help the automatic installer, as some server components might not be installed exactly as on the standard version for which it has been designed.

However, iPhoto is required, wipha relies on the iphoto database to find pictures and their associated metadata, albums, keywords, ...
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