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actif Sujet n° 55  Missing file in 0.7: ss_zip.class.php

le 05/02/2006 @ 10:46
par secretmojo



On install, I get this message:
Decompacting WiPhA in your Sites folder (/Users/myname/Sites)

Setting permissions on these files
chown: wipha/libs/ss_zip.class.php: No such file or directory
... Abort ...

I checked the decompacted folder, and found the symbolic link "ss_zip.class.php", but apparently it is linked to nothing!

I found that other symbolic links (such as ipl and libs/smarty) worked.

Hope this helps.
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Réponse n° 1
le 05/02/2006 @ 13:43
par Globs



this file is not used in version 0.7 anymore.
I forgot to remove the link.
This seems to break a fresh 0.7 install (?)
Thank's for notifying about it.
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