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Sujet n°87 Problem with Zip downloads
    par Gresmi - visiteur
le 16/04/2006 @ 00:21
Just set up Wipha. All seems to be working well. I instlled it outside of my user folder on a different volume (where I keep all of my website data) Only problem is that when I try to download files the zip file it creates is REALLY small ~1.5MB even if I'm trying to download 60 massive pictures. Then, when I try to open the zip on my computer, I get the following problem:

Unable to unarchive file into "Desktop" (Error 1 - Operation Not Permitted.)"

I have no permissions problems on the desktop folder or the zip file,. both are owned by my user and I have read and write access, so I should be able to open the zip file.

All points to the zip file being corrupted when made.

Further, whenever I try to download a bunch of photos from Wipha, I get the following error in my PHP logs:

[Sat Apr 15 18:13:12 2006] [error] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function mb_convert_encoding() in /Volumes/Media/Websites/wipha/libs/utils.php on line 157

I looked at that line in the file an it seems to be a function to get left and right quotation marks or something like that. Either way, the function is failing every time I try to download photos from Wipha. Which leads me to believe that this is what is causing the zip file creation to fail.

Other info about the setup:

I'm running PHP Version 5.1.2 on an Intel Mac Mini Core Duo.

Any thoughts?
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Réponse n°1 par Globs - rank ( 178 messages )
le 18/04/2006 @ 18:39

Unable to unarchive file into "Desktop" (Error 1 - Operation Not Permitted.)"

this does mean that the zip could not be created properly and is corrupted. It's not related with a permission issue.

Getting this error about mb_convert_encoding means that you don't have this function compiled in your php (!).  Which distribution is it ?

I would advise you to download and install the latest php from . This is the one I installed to make sure wipha works on php5, and it does.

Now, will this completely solve your zip issue ? I hope and I believe so, but I won't garantee it. Let's try...
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