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Sujet n°99 Automatically Launch Editor
    par Al - visiteur
le 16/05/2006 @ 04:49
It would be nice if there was an option to automatically launch the external editor when composing an email.
Thanks .  
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Réponse n°1 par Globs - rank ( 203 messages )
le 21/06/2006 @ 20:01

maybe you noticed that there is a 'bug' related to the address fields: after having lauched and quit the external editor (thus hiding and showinf the address fields), the first (and only) field doesn't work properly anymore (completion).
This automatic option would be disturbing regarding this issue. Otherwise, I agree it could be helpful. But will i do it some days ? I still don't know.
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Réponse n°2 par Al - visiteur
le 21/06/2006 @ 23:29
Hey I did not notice the problem in thunderbird Could you eplain it in detail a little bit more. Thanks.

P.S. I would be willing help code in the automatic option if you need the help.
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Réponse n°3 par Globs - rank ( 205 messages )
le 22/06/2006 @ 00:22
Hum, in fact, I don't TB on my mac.
I just launched it to have a check (it then upgraded to and it doesn't occur either.

I noticed this on the Linux version (maybe also Windows, I don't remember), but I have no mean anymore to check it.

The problem was that after editing the message in the external editor, if no adress had been given in the address field, the auto completion did not work anymore (you begin typing your address and it doesn't drop down the list box with all relevant addresses).

If you want to code the automatic option (and provide all necessary locales for the message you'll have to add in the preference dialog (this is always difficult, and takes a loooong time on babelzilla),
it will be great, and I'll release it asap for everybody.
(at least, if I'm ok with your code).

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Réponse n°4 par Globs - rank ( 206 messages )
le 22/06/2006 @ 00:33
To push the point: the main difficulty (causing my lack of motivation to add new options / possibilities) is the translation system.
I began adding some locales on user requests but this really slows down the process:
When the code is done, with the english locale updated, I need to post a pre-release on babelzilla, and wait that all translators have updated their locales. Then, I must download them, check no error has been introduced (yes, it happens), and merge them in my code. At last, I may release the extension. This is loooonnnnng...., and a pain is the *** for me.

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