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Sujet n°110 Slow?!
    par PaulB - visiteur
le 23/06/2006 @ 11:22
I haven't seen it anywhere on this forum or on the Net in general so I suppose I'm having a pretty unique problem: WiPha is dead slow.
It takes about 5-10 minutes to get a page loaded in Safari, but not in Firefox. I haven't seen it with anything else. Any thoughts?
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Réponse n°1 par Globs - rank ( 207 messages )
le 23/06/2006 @ 14:19
No, this had never been reported so far.
I suppose you may have an issue with your Safari preferences ?
Have you tried creating a new OSX account to get a fresh Safari preference, and accessing wipha from this new account ?
Other than that, I have no idea.
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Réponse n°2 par PaulB - visiteur
le 23/06/2006 @ 14:37
Thanks, but yes, I've tried it with several users (of which one was fresh) on the same and on a different Mac (one PowerPC and one Intel, both 10.4.6) as well and it's all the same behaviour: Safari is really, really slow and firefox is as it should be.
Any more idea's?cool
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Réponse n°3 par Globs - rank ( 208 messages )
le 23/06/2006 @ 15:03
Would you have some plugins installed in your Safari, such as Safaristand or whatever ?

I'll check this week end with my Safari... But I think it's unlikely I'll have the same problem. It this case, it would already have been reported.

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Réponse n°4 par PaulB - visiteur
le 23/06/2006 @ 15:25
Nope, no special Safari plugins.
I can use WiPha, but not with Safari right now. Ah well, unfortenately most of my friends/relatives use Windows so they have a problem as well watching my pics.
Any idea if IE 7 works better with WiPha?
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Réponse n°5 par Globs - rank ( 209 messages )
le 23/06/2006 @ 15:36
No idea at all.
But having your friends using WiPhA is a good oportunity to suggest them a move to Firefox, for those who haven't done it already.biggrin
Remember, IE sucks...
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Réponse n°6 par PaulB - visiteur
le 24/06/2006 @ 14:04
Yeah I know, but I'm not an Evangelist kind of guy I'm aftraid. Life and let life is my motto. wink.

Well but now for the more serious part of this thread: I absolutely don't understand it, but here the situation now:
If I try to access WiPha locally (from within my LAN I mean) it's dead slow (in Safari only).
If I access it through the external IP address ( it works like a charm (again: in Safari).

Wha't up? Well anyway, I 've stopped wandering and make use of this (external) work-around.

Thanx for thinking with me. Paul.
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Réponse n°7 par Globs - rank ( 210 messages )
le 24/06/2006 @ 18:49
That's indeed strange... Thanks for sharing the info.
I've no answer.
I'm gonna send this to a sysadmin friend. If he has an interesting answer, I'll add it here.
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Réponse n°8 par Globs - rank ( 211 messages )
le 25/06/2006 @ 00:05
I have the same behaviour here (slow with Safari on I did'nt notice it before because I had no local network when I developped WiPhA. I just installed my router a few weeks ago.
My friend suggests it may be related with the dns resolution, but I don't really know how to troubleshot it.
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Réponse n°9 par Globs - rank ( 212 messages )
le 25/06/2006 @ 01:16
It has indeed something to do with the dns, but I don"t understand what and how.

I tried to set as an http proxy (system pref, network, proxys tab): this solved the issue, but I could not access anymore the outside sites.

Then, I "played" with the TCP/IP tab, trying to add different IP addresses as DNS: no change. After some more similar tests, as removing ".com" from the Search Domains" field, and adding it back, safari is working fine.
I end now with no change at all, and Safari working as fast as Firefox. And still no clue what happens....confused

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