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forum.gifForum - Web iPhoto Access - Sujet n°135

Sujet n°135 xml error
    par AllanMarcus - visiteur
le 10/09/2006 @ 13:17

I recent made many changed to my iPhoto library and re-uploaded it to my server. Now when I try to access wipha I get the following error:

XML error: not well-formed (invalid token) at line 7184

after 11% complete.

See for yourself at

Any ideas?
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Réponse n°1 par Globs - rank ( 257 messages )
le 10/09/2006 @ 13:24

at first, I would believe the message. I already saw some broken AlbumData.xml files.
Try to do some minor changes in iPhoto to force recreating the file. Hopefully, this will solve your issue.
You may also ensure that the file has not been broken during the transfert, with cksum or md5, which must output the same value on both files.
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Réponse n°2 par AllanMarcus - visiteur
le 11/09/2006 @ 00:11
looks like I somehow got the same keyword in the system twice. the iPod would not sync either. I was able to track this down and fix the offending photo and it works right now.
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