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Sujet n°136 Quoting problem
    par Per - visiteur
le 12/09/2006 @ 11:15
Many thanks for this extension, finally makes a GUI mail client usable for me!smile (I use it with 'emacsclient' as the external editor, works perfectly.)

There is one annoyance though, and it probably isn't something that can be fixed by the extension but rather needs to be addressed in TB itself: When you edit a reply (even without actually changing anything), the leading quote characters ('>') lose their magic property (e.g. being shown as colored bars by TB) and become part of the text.

When actually sending the message, there is a space prepended to them, but this isn't shown either in TB or the external editor, so can't even be "fixed manually". The result is of course that the recipient will also see "plain text" quote marks, plus wastage
of a character column and general messiness when there are multiple levels of quotes.

The same thing happens if you paste "quoted" text into TB's own editor (this is the method I ususally use with GUI "editors"smile, which is why I assume that it's TB that is the "real" problem. Anyway, if anyone knows how to avoid this problem when using the external editor, I would love to find out!


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