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Sujet n°6 Will Yamb support Thunderbird 1.5b1?
    par David - visiteur
le 11/09/2005 @ 05:31
I've been hoping to use Yamb with Growl for some time, but apparently a bug in the 1.0.x Thunderbird train made this impossible.  If the bug has been fixed in 1.5b1, do you intend on updating the extension to work with it?

Dave LaPorte
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Réponse n°1 par Globs - rank ( 12 messages )
le 11/09/2005 @ 21:38
Hi Dave,

yes, this bug is mentionned in my Yamb usage page. I also explain there that this bug has been solved in the forthcoming Thunderbird version. Yamb is already ready for this new Thunderbird version (it will work if the release number is 1.1; if it is 1.5, I'll have to bounce the version number and release a new Yamb, but this is a matter of minutes). You will be able to call the command line growl notifier. iAlert should also work as well.
You can already use Yamb with an alpha version of Thunderbird 1.1.

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