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Sujet n°148 How to comfirm use of imagemagick
    par CjB - visiteur
le 09/10/2006 @ 16:34
Hi, I have this installed on my linux box, but it doesn't seem to be using imagemagick, is there a way to confirm that it is using this?
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Réponse n°2 par Globs - rank ( 273 messages )
le 10/10/2006 @ 00:09
If the system is not "Darwin", wipha tries to use ImageMagick. So, this is the case for a Linux system. Now, does it succeed in using it is another question, that you can only anwser by looking at the result. If you want to debug, you can add some print in wipha/libs/utils.php, in the sendImage function, exit before the code which sends the picture, and display the direct url of the picture. Not that easy, in fact.
if ($­args) ­{­
$­cached = "data/cache/".md5("$­path $­args").".jpg";
if ( (! file_exists($­cached))||(filemtime($­path)>filemtime($­cached))) ­{­
$­cmd = $­fnctCmd($­path, $­args, $­cached);
print "$­cmd";
chmod($­cached, 0664);
$­path = $­cached;

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Réponse n°2 par CjB - visiteur
le 10/10/2006 @ 01:01
Thanks, It doesn't seem to ever get to inside that if statement.

Is there a way I can debug this as to why it's not getting in there? I tried printing out $­args and that seems to be NULL to start with?

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Réponse n°3 par Globs - rank ( 275 messages )
le 11/10/2006 @ 22:34
Then, look at the $­args value and/or delete the cache jpeg files.
Note than Image magick is not called to display thumbnails and full size pictures. But it is indeed for slideshow ones.
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