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Sujet n°7 MSagent spells complete email address
    par Reinhard - visiteur
le 14/09/2005 @ 02:30

MSagent (Peedy) spells the complete email address of the sender. I don't like that. Could you please, please, please add a new feature in Yamb so that someone can adjust the transferred information.

Somehow Thunderbird 1.06 (german) always displays the complete email address of the sender, but not of the recipient (just the name) in "inbox" and "sent items". Maybe this is the source of the problem...

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Réponse n°1 par Globs - rank ( 13 messages )
le 15/09/2005 @ 04:23
I use the english 1.0.2 Thunderbird. It only displays the name of the sender. Anyway, I found no preference, either in the general preference or in the account settings to change this behaviour. Is there any somewhere ?
The solution is obviously to strip the sender string and only keep the name, but I think this should not be part of the extension itself. I'd rather see it in the notifier scri­pt, which is intended to provide the output you want, whereas Yamb is only a 'simple' way to call this notifier.
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Réponse n°2 par - visiteur
le 15/09/2005 @ 04:38

Yes, there's a setting in Thunderbird, when you activate it, it only shows the name in the preview panel (although in my case, it just changes the recipient).

Anyway, that's not the problem. I changed the scri­pt of Peedy (msagent) to show the recipient...and it also shows (speaks...actually spells) the complete address, even if I activated the feature in Thunderbird.

mNotify also displays complete email addresses of sender/ least it doesn't start spelling it smile

Does anybody know, how to change the scri­pt for msagent, so that it says something like "You got new mail", but displays the info from yamb?


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Réponse n°3 par Reinhard - visiteur
le 16/09/2005 @ 14:37

Well, it works now, but I don't know why smile

Changed some settings in the scri­pt for msagent...sometimes try&error is the best method smile

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Réponse n°4 par ecky - visiteur
le 24/01/2007 @ 18:31
You can put this code to the script to modify parameter "sender":

if instr(1, sender, "<") > 0 then
    sender = Left(sender, instr(1, sender, "<")-2)
end if
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