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Yamb - Changelog

v0.9.0 (02 Juil 2011)

  • [new] Compatible with Thunderbird 5.0

v0.8.0 (04 Jul 2010)

  • [new] Compatible with Thunderbird 3.1
  • [new] New language: zh-TW
  • [bug] Yamb works again with the antispam filter and whitelisting

v0.7.0 (30 Aug 2008)

  • Compatible with Thunderbird 3 (and only with Thunderbird 3)
  • New locales available: zh-CN, pt-BR, pl-PL, fi-FI, af-ZA, gl-ES

v0.6.8 (24 May 2008)

  • Use an https update URL which will become mandatory for the update mechanism to keep working with Thunderbird 3)
  • This version doesn't work yet on Thunderbird 3

v0.6.7 (22 Apr 2006)

  • [bug] suppression of blank characters at the beginning and at the end of the message body parameter given to the notifier.

v0.6.6 (17 Dec 2005)

  • [new] Complex characters managment (UTF-8 translation) for elements passed to the notifier (except the message body)
  • Locales update

v0.6.5 (2 Dec 2005)

  • [new] Setting check intervals in seconds has now become an option.
  • [new] The message body is passed to the notifier. There are however a few restrictions:
    • The command line length being limited, only the first 500 characters are passed.
    • The text is directly extracted from the mail file, without being decoded. This may generate poor results for accented and complex (chineese...) characters.
    • This raw text also contains the encoded attachments. The way Yamb deletes them is probably not bullet proof.
  • [bug] Corrects the mail check timing (when the 'check interval in seconds' is activated): Some checks were not performed.

v0.6.4 (27 Sept 2005)

  • [bug] Avoids Thunderbird to block and display this message "This folder is being processed. Please wait until processing is completed to get messages." when several POP accounts use the same inbox folder. This mainly happened to users who decided to gather their accounts in the global inbox.

v0.6.3 (19 Sept 2005)

  • Compatible Thunderbird 1.5 .
  • [new] Added a german locale.
  • [new] Added a notifier test button in the Yamb option window.
  • [bug] An empty parameter passed to a windows script was not taken in account; it's now replaced by [empty].
  • [bug] In Windows, scripts are now displayed in the notifier file selection dialog.

v0.6.2 (08 Sept 2005)

  • [new] Added a japanese locale.
  • [bug] All mail checks which would have been performed while the computer was hibernating took place when it woke up.
  • [bug] Modifying the mail check interval in the Account manager was not properly taken in account.

v0.6.1 (1st Sept 2005)

  • [new] Adds the spanish locale.

v0.6.0 (30 Aug 2005)

  • [new] The extension has been localized. Locale available are:
    • English
    • French
    • Italian
    • Catalan
  • [new] Compatible with Thunderbird 1.1 .

v0.5.4 (08 Mar 2005)

  • [bug] No parameter was given to the external notifier when one of them was empty (empty subject for instance).
  • [bug] If the external notifier path chosen with the file selection box contains spaces (ex: C:Program Files...), it is now automaticaly quoted.

v0.5.3 (18 Jan 2005)

  • [new] Added the recipients list in the notifier parameters (kdisplayMail, displayMail, displaymail.vbs updated too).

v0.5.2 (14 Jan 2005)

  • [new] The notifier executable may be given with arguments. Arguments containing spaces must be quoted.
  • [new] Added a Local Folder pref to deal with Global Inbox.

v0.5.1 (12 Jan 2005)

  • [new] The notifier receives some more parameters (cf Usage).
  • [new] Visual Basic scripts are now accepted as notifier executables.
  • [new] Option for not notifying junk mails.
  • [new] Different notification options for each account type.
  • [new] The mail check interval in second is now set in the Account manager.
  • [new] Yamb got it's own icon (useless but prettier).
  • [bug] leading and trailing spaces in the notifier executable are automaticaly cleared.

v0.4.0 (2 Dec 2004)

  • Updated and checked for Thunderbird 1.0.

v0.3.0 (29 Nov 2004)

  • [new] The user may now choose to be notified for new mails arriving in every folder, or in Inbox folders only (maybe useful when using filters with many mails automatically moved to some folders).

v0.2.0 (25 Nov 2004)

  • [new] Notifier works for all accounts instead of just the default one.

v0.1.0 (24 Nov 2004)

  • First version.

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Last update : 03/07/2011 @ 14:45
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