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home.gifWelcome to Globs site

Ce site est disponible en Français. Cliquez sur le drapeau dans le coin en haut à gauche.

This site goal is to have my personal developments available to you as well as supporting them a little bit in the forums; As of today, you'll find here my 2 Thunderbird extensions and my iPhoto Libraries internet share software.
news.gifThe 10 last news

Exteditor goes to GitHub - by Globs 19/05/2017 @ 08:23

Exteditor code goes to GitHub:

wipha.pngWiPhA 2.7: Update for iPhoto 9.4 - by Globs 01/10/2012 @ 04:50

  • [fix] Compatible with iPhoto 9.4 (Aspect Ratio not provided anymore in AlbumData.xml)

wipha.pngWiPhA 2.6: Lion update - by Globs 07/11/2011 @ 01:26

  • [new] Compatible with Lion and Snow Leopard only (PPC support dropped)
  • [new] Clicking on a picture now enters the slideshow mode. An icon has been added to select pictures for download
  • [new] Add a way to install WiPhA in a different path (see installation instructions)
  • [fix] Fix video streaming to Safari (tested with Safari 5.1.1) and iPhone (tested with iOS 4)
  • [fix] Suppress video caching, to solve a bug where a video could only be seen once
  • [fix] Correct one more warning on Snow Leopard appearing when parsing the library
  • [fix] Some albums or events were missing in WiPhA if iPhoto gave them the same id

Yamb 0.9

  • [new] Compatible with Thunderbird 5

External Editor 1.0

  • [new] Compatible withThunderbird 5

And while I was on it, I set the compatibility up to Thunderbird 9. Let's cross our fingers and see how it goes...

Yamb 0.8

  • [new] Compatible with Thunderbird 3.1
  • [new] New language: zh-TW
  • [bug] Yamb works again with the antispam filter and whitelisting

External Editor 0.9

  • [new] Compatible with Thunderbird 3.1
  • [new] Nez languages: uk-UA, ro-RO, ca-AD

wipha.pngWiPhA 2.5: Snow Leopard update - by Globs 31/08/2009 @ 00:30

Warning: a bug preventing to install WiPhA 2.5 on Snow Leopard has been fixed at 2009-08-31,22:40 CEST. Just redownload please. (well I still don't have SL myself, so not easy to fully test...)
  • [new] Snow Leopard compatible (PHP 5.3.0)
  • [new] Videos can now be viewed on iPhones and iPod Touch (thanks Damien)
  • [new] Replaced the IE warning by a IE6 no more warning only showing with IE6
  • [fix] With iPhoto 8 libraries, some pictures were skipped when face detection had been used

wipha.pngWiPhA 2.4: iPhoto events and bugfix - by Globs 17/05/2009 @ 19:23

  • [new] Add 'Events' in the albums Combo Box (iPhoto 7)
  • [fix] Much more robust mac alias resolving with a command line helper (for iPhoto 6 libs with photos not imported in the lib folder)
  • [fix] The download system did not work with Safari (since when?)
  • [fix] The mail icon is not displayed anymore on the "Selected for download" special album
  • [fix] The photocast URL taken from the photocast icon is the 'guest' one when logged as guest (meaning no authentication will be required in a RSS reader)
  • [fix] Remove smarty cache files on WiPhA installation to make sure new html content in taken into account
  • The C source code of WiPhA helpers is delivered in the package
And by the way: iPhoto solved it's photocast authentication bug with iPhoto '09. It's now able again to display WiPhA photocast albums which require authentication.

exteditor.pngExternal Editor Version 0.8.0 - by Globs 30/08/2008 @ 20:16

External Editor 0.8.0 available:
  • [new] Compatible with Thunderbird 3 (and only Thunderbird 3) as of version beta1
  • [new] The behaviour will be more responsive when closing the external editor
  • [new] New locales: zh-CN, fi-FI, be-BY, ar, zh-TW, ru-RU
  • [bug] Correct a bug causing the Thunderbird editor window to remain disabled after an error when closing the external editor

yamb.pngYamb Version 0.7.0 - by Globs 30/08/2008 @ 19:50

Yamb 0.7.0 available:
  • Compatible with Thunderbird 3 (and only with Thunderbird 3)
  • New locales available: zh-CN, pt-BR, pl-PL, fi-FI, af-ZA, gl-ES

WiPhA 2.3 provides a Leopard compatible installer (Apache 2). No other change, except a couple of minor corrections.

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