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Web iPhoto Access - Administration



You have installed WiPhA properly and just reached the login page.

Login Page

You must declare yourself as the WiPhA administrator, so log in with the adminstrator password. The default access is:

Login: admin
Password: admin

Enter this login/password and click "Login"; then click the "Admin" item at the right on the WiPhA menu bar to reach the main admin page.

Menu Bar


Admin Login

The first thing you should do is to change the default admin login and password. You do this in the first frame, named Administrator. Replace admin by what you want, change the password too, and click "Change" to apply the modification.


Admin Libraries List

You must now add at least one iPhoto library to share. Enter a name, then enter the absolute path to the library folder. For example, here's the default location, with <user> being as always your short user name:

/Users/<user>/Pictures/iPhoto Library

Each added library may be edited later to change its name or path; just click its name in the list to get the library modification (rather simple) page.

Select You can directly load a library without going through the user library selection page with this arrow.

Checked The check icon shows the currently loaded library,

Delete and the red X deletes the corresponding library (without asking any confirmation).


Admin Users List

You may create as many users as you want. For each user you will define which iPhoto albums he/she will be allowed to access.
To add a user, just type a login and a password in the third frame named Users. It will be added in the users list shown below. You will have to provide your user with this login and password.

There is also a "default" user named Guest which does not require any login. This is the public access so you may decide not to allow any album for Guest, or limit it to certain albums.
If you (wiPhA admin using Safari) applied a trick like this one to prevent the use of the autocomplete="off" option in login/password fields, you will let Safari overwrite WiPhA default values; as a result, you probably won't understand the behaviour of these admin pages and you're likely to damage your own previous settings.


Let's edit John's rights. A click on the John link gets his admin page:

User Admin Page

You can change John's login and password the same way you did for the administrator before. Note that you can modify just the login, or just the password, or both. If you don't want to change the password, leave the field empty.

And at last, here's the interesting part: Select which albums of the currently loaded library John will be allowed to see. When you're done, don't forget to click the "Change" button. If you share more than one library, you have to load each of them, and define the rights for each. This is where the Select arrow becomes useful. So, the fatest recommended way is to choose the first library, set the rights for all users, load the second library, set the rights, and so on...

The first album item "Allow all albums in this library" lets you grant full access to this library, including all future albums.


Back in the main admin page, the last frame named Albums lets you view and set which users have access to an album.

Admin Albums List

In the same way, click on an iPhoto album and directly set who is allowed to access it

Album Admin Page
For your information, all of these parameters are stored in a configuration file in the directory $­HOME/Sites/wipha/data.


If a new version of WiPhA becomes available, you'll be noticed about it when you log in (as administrator only, of course).


Some additional options may be set in the wipha config file configs/wipha.conf.

  • cachesize = 100000000 : Cache maximum size, in bytes (default: 100Mo). Oldest images will be removed to keep the cache under the specified limit. Set to 0 to have an infinite cache size.

Creation date : 27/01/2006 @ 20:05
Last update : 03/09/2006 @ 00:40
Category : Web iPhoto Access
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