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I think PHP5 support and RSS photocast feeds were worth a new major version number. So here's WiPhA version 2.0:
  • [new] Photocast your albums without .mac !
  • [new] Works with PHP5 (Entropy package) and PHP4 (Default OSX)
  • [new] Libraries list only shows allowed ones
  • [new] Compresses slideshow images to improve download speed
  • [new] Prefetches next slide during slidehow (works only on Mozilla family browsers)
  • [bug] Solved a wrong date map blocks sorting (appeared if iPhoto was not sorting by time)
  • [bug] Forbids searching a reverse time period (ex: 23 - 15 Aug 2005)
  • [bug] Now properly supports multiple simultaneous block openings in the date map
  • [bug] Now clears the keywords field when starting a search in simple mode
  • [bug] Doesn't show the subscribed photocast albums anymore in the search bar album list
  • Rewrote the authentification system with a http auth for rss access
  • The "new version available" note is displayed on every page the first 20 sec of each login (as admin)
  • Don't display anymore the second search bar and pager when not necessary in the thumbnails page (when 1 to 6 thumbnails on the page)
  • Shows a "loading" wheel while waiting for data in the date map
  • Improved documentation presentation

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